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Hi!! this is my blog that will have some free crochet patterns and info about crocheting, Thanks (>w<)

Monday, 14 March 2011

My Amigurumi Cow

Hi! anyway today I finished off making my new amigurumi cow. I will have a etsy store open for business soon and I will be selling  this cow and all of my toys and some patterns as well so keep posted for when i'll have the links up. Please leave a comment below of what you think of my new amigurumi cow :) Thanks again (>w<)


  1. She is lovely!!!
    Wellcome to blogland!! :)
    Best of luck to your etsy shop!
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  2. waa is so cuteee :3 I love your craft, are so sweet and adorable :3

  3. Very cute! You did a great job on that one!